Trim Trail Opens






At Hartpury we have been looking ways that will encourage all of our children to take part in a range of physical activities and help promote healthy lifestyles. We already have a well-developed sporting culture with sports like football, rugby and cricket well established. However, when talking to some of the children about the things that they like to do to keep active it was clear that there was an opportunity to involve even more children through alternative activities. Therefore, we decided to build a new ‘Trim Trail’ which would involve climbing, balancing and a range of other fundamental movement skills that children would enjoy using both in and out of lessons. Being a small school funding such a project is always a problem but through our Local Councillor, Brian Robinson, who was able to donate £2500 and the National Lottery Active for All grant who were able to contribute £5000; we were able to raise the  £7500 that was needed.


The trim trail was officially opened by Councillor Robinson on Friday 6th November and has been an instant hit with all the children!