Statement of Best Value
– Our Vision –
Through a positive caring environment, we provide the opportunity for every child to reach their full potential. We embrace Christian values and ensure all children are ready for their next steps.


The Governing Body and Staff of Hartpury School are committed to achieving Best Value in all the relevant decisions made. This statement will be included within the School Improvement plan as an indication of its importance within the school’s policies and practice.

Hartpury School intends that the ‘Best Value’ principles should be applied to all matters within our school where resources management and allocation are considered in order to secure continuous improvement in our school.

These principles are:


Why and how a service is being provided.

• We need to ask whether we provide services because they are needed or because we think they are needed? Any new development is considered in terms of the cost incurred (including time) against the benefits derived.
• Are we doing things in the best way?


• By using the data available and discussions with other schools, the school will compare its performance against other schools in the county and nationally, against its previous history and against the potential of a child. The school will evaluate the performance of any minority groups. See school Self-evaluation policy.


• The views of appropriate stakeholders will be sought before major decisions are made. This will include consultation with our children wherever possible, practical and realistic.
• The annual SDP meeting gives the opportunity for all staff (non-teaching as well as teaching) to give their views on school improvement. This is followed up by a letter to parents asking for any views that they would like considered.
• We send out questionnaires from time to time asking for parent’s views.
• We often seek informal viewpoints from chatting with parents.
• The school may also consult with LA officers or other providers, other headteachers or professionals.


• To ensure that the school secures efficient and effective services, the school will follow the local authority Financial Regulations when obtaining services of £1000 or over, unless the Governing Body decides otherwise and minutes its reasons and decision.
• We need to match our resources, including personnel, to the needs of the children.

We will strive to ensure that the school is using its resources effectively to meet the needs of our children.

We will submit this Best Value Statement with the school’s Annual Budget Plan. The Annual Budget Plan and Best Value Statement will be monitored with the SDP in order to determine the extent of continuous improvement.