Panto Pandemonium


It was pandemonium in Hartpury in July as KS2 prepared for their summer production! Due to the Wicked Witch having stolen all the good magic, Pantoland was in chaos: Jack’s beans were not magic; the pantomime cow had been cut in half; the glass slipper didn’t even fit Cinderella; Aladdin couldn’t summon his genie, however much he rubbed his lamp!

Thankfully, four children from Hartpury school offered to help the Good Fairy put everything right and , after many adventures, even managed to persuade the Wicked With and her sidekicks, Spotty and Grotty, to ‘step into the light’ and become a goodie.

The children put on an amazing performance this year, full of life and sparkle, and were particularly noted for their superb singing, often in several parts. Well done all!