Welcome to Class Three


Welcome to Class 3!

We are a mixed age class with year 3 and 4 working together. Our teacher is Mr Aston who is helped by Mrs Pealing. We are looking forward to a fun filled year where we will be looking at the Ancient Egyptians, finding out who they are and how they made such a large empire and fantastic monuments. We will also be investigating rocks and soils as part of our science topic, designing experiments to investigate how good rocks are at repelling water.
As part of our science topic we get to go deep underground in Clearwell caves to find all about the rocks beneath our feet.
We really are looking forward to building pyramids, making fossils and learning all about how music is used in the movies.
I loved squeezing through the tiny holes and seeing Mr Aston get stuck (Amelia)
I have loved making my Sarcophagus using pneumatic systems in DT (Fred)