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Class Three

Class Three teaches Lower Key Stage Two covering years Three and Four.

The classes teach over a two-year rolling programme with 2020/2010 working on Year A.  

Please see the Long Term Planning in the files below.

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. Our Learning This Year


We started the year finding out about prehistory and exploring life in the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages. This included plenty of outdoor learning opportunities as we discovered how early man would have survived, writing a story on the book Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitmura and trying our hand at cave paintings.

Marvellous Hartpury

In geography, we have been studying our local landscape and considering why tourists might like to visit our beautiful village. We developed out map reading skills as well as using the school minibus to tour around the village and then used our knowledge to write tourist information leaflets for the village. 

Lockdown Learning - The Romans

During lockdown home learning, we have been finding out about the Romans. We have learnt how the Roman army became so successful, what life was like in Roman Britain and the long term legacy the Roman's left in Britain. We made some fantasic Roman shields and wrote a Roman myth too. Back in school, we are now writing the diary of a Roman soldier who has been sent to help build Hadrian's Wall. This has included participating in a Roman army recruitment day!