Welcome to Class One


At Hartpury, all Reception children are taught together in Class 1. During our first year at school, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. The Foundation Stage is organised into 7 areas. These are: Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Communication and Language; Physical Development; Literacy; Maths; Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. We are taught through these seven areas and will gradually be introduced to more structured Literacy and Numeracy sessions in readiness for Year 1.


In the Reception year, learning through play is really important. We have the freedom to explore our interests in a fun and enjoyable classroom environment, using both the indoor and the outdoor space. We are really lucky to have a big sandpit, giant chalkboard, den area, water play, planting areas and mark-making equipment in our outside area. Our learning is based upon our interests and already this year we have pretended to be Arctic explorers, explored space with a rocket that we made and had an alien crash land in our playground who we had to help get back to his own planet! We are lucky to have lots of other special activities happening to help us with our learning and we have had snakes, police dogs and guinea pigs visiting us and had chicks hatching in an incubator! It is great that we have a Forest Schools area too and that we have Outdoor Education sessions one afternoon every week in our Reception year.


Our teachers work carefully to make sure that our learning reflects our developing needs, interests and learning styles and make sure that our learning is challenging, playful and fun!