Our Governing Body is made up of staff, parents and members of the local community who work, in a voluntary capacity, to provide a strategic direction for the school. It is our role to act collectively to support the work of the headteacher and staff in ensuring that every child at Hartpury reaches their full potential.

We are not involved in the day-to-day running of the school, but we do make important decisions on how the school is run including its finances, long-term vision, aims and objectives, ethos and values. We act as the school’s ‘Critical Friend’, supporting the staff but also challenging and questioning them in order to monitor the school’s effectiveness. Our strategic goal is to promote high standards of education so that our pupils learn effectively and develop both socially and academically. We bring a range of skills and expertise, and undergo regular training in specific areas to ensure that we work effectively.

We meet, as a full Governing Body, four times a year and work through the following committees:

  • Standards and Monitoring
  • Resources and Business Management
  • Ethos and Community

List of Governors 2018/19

Mr Graham Siddle (Chair) – Co-opted Governor

Mr Dave Page (Vice-Chair) – Local Authority appointed Governor

Mr Nigel Adey – Co-opted Governor

Mrs Julia Chamberlayne – Co-opted Governor

Mr Ken Jollans (Chair of Standards and Monitoring Committee)  – Co-opted Governor

Mr Simon Millington – Headteacher

Rev John Longuet-Higgins (Chair of Ethos and Community Committee) – Foundation Governor

Mrs Alison Ettridge – Foundation Governor

Mrs Joan Elmslie (Chair of Resources and Business Management Committee) – Parent Governor

Miss Gwyneth Keen – Parent Governor

Mrs Heather Pealing – Staff Governor

Co-opted governors are appointed by the Governing Body. Foundation governors are appointed by the Local Authority. Parent governors are elected by the parents of children attending the school. Staff governors are elected by the staff of the school.

Hartpury Primary School – Governor Attendance 2017 – 2018


Governor Roles 2018-2019

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