Our Nativity


IMG_2135I know Christmas seems a distant memory for most people but I really wanted to take the opportunity to share with you possibly the most memorable Nativity Play I have ever had the pleasure to have been part of. As with all schools during December, the weeks are packed with festive cheer, loads of glitter, excitable children and the inevitable Nativity performance.


This year was no different at Hartpury primary with a couple of minor additions.

Our Nativity, led by Miss Keen, was staged at Over Farm in their beautifully decorated barn complete with wagon wheel chandeliers, 12 foot Christmas tree, twinkling lights and festive decoration. The children put on the most amazing performance and there was something quite magical about seeing the children dressed in traditional tea towels and dressing gowns; huddled around the manger in this setting.


For any normal school this in itself would have been an epic ending to the Christmas period but not here! Not only was the performance staged in a barn but Mary was led into the barn riding on a real live pony (the donkey was apparently a little unpredictable). Again, a magical moment whereby a hush fell over the audience and the sound of hooves could be heard as the pony made its way towards the stage. I would be lying if, with my Health and Safety hat on, I was not slightly worried at this point but she made it safely on, and brought about a memory that I know many mums, dads and children will treasure for a very long time to come.


I would like to thank everyone who made this event possible.