Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds


At Hartpury Primary School we believe that every aspect of school life is crucial to the all-round development of young children.  That is why we have tried to make sure that the children have plenty of opportunities during their free time to further build on their health, fitness, co-operation and friendship skills.

During break and lunch times our outstanding midday supervisors allow the children to access a whole range of engaging activities. There are the usual playground games of tag, chase and roleplay and our large grounds allow children to access the field for football, cricket and rugby. The children also have access to two adventure playgrounds which provide challenge to both older and younger children and help build on fundamental movement skills.

Our very own Year 6 play leaders organise games and activities for the younger children. A comprehensive range of playground equipment is always in full use, including: ten pin bowling, tennis, circus skills kit, space hoppers, hula hoops and much more. There is a designated area of the playground zoned off to allow children to practise their scooting and cycling skills making use of the range of bikes and trikes and promoting road safety.

And for those children that would like something a little different…

Our Outdoor education leader provides a range of seasonal seeds and plants for the children to sow and tend in our raised beds. The children have full access to gardening tools and equipment and the older children support the younger children in learning how to garden their plots.

The playground is also home to a range of musical instruments that live permanently outside. Children often collaborate to compose music together and perform in bands.

The school also has a small wooded area that children absolutely love to play in. They focus on conservation, use fallen wood to build dens, look for evidence of wildlife and hide amongst the trees and long grass.

And what’s more, our tremendous fundraising friends committee have supplied the school with wet weather gear for all the children so all the activities are fully accessible whatever the weather.

During break times at Hartpury every child is fully engaged. Playtimes are educational, stimulating, where all our pupils have the chance to try something new, develop existing skills and have fun with friends.