Hartpury Primary School – Building Community Links


Hartpury Primary visit 2At Hartpury CofE Primary we are able to provide some outstanding opportunities for our children that are unique to our school. Situated a short distance away is the nationally renowned Hartpury College. The college has had a reputation for many years of producing sportsmen and women of the highest calibre; many of which represent national teams in their chosen sports. As a school we have worked in partnership with the college to aid their teaching programs and also benefit our children as a result.

Each term the college provides transport for a class of children to attend the bespoke facilities of the sports college. Once there, the further education coaching students provide sports tuition. Students are guided by the school’s planning and with their own sporting expertise deliver an outstanding program of sports coaching. The college facilities have allowed children to be taught a range of sports including: rugby, football, hockey, badminton, volleyball and tennis.

One of the most successful programs has been the teaching of fundamental movement skills to our reception class. The class of 15 four and five year olds are presented with a range of activities that have been carefully structured to allow them to further develop the key skills needed in sports. The most exciting thing for me as a head teacher is to see our children receive 1 to 1 tuition that is individually tailored to each child – this is something that we could never achieve in our own setting. Both the children and the students thoroughly enjoy the sessions and both gain valuable learning experiences that help to shape the coaches and sportsmen and woman of the future.

The link however does not end there!

Many people will be unaware that the college has many more facilities and as a primary school these are excellent for providing children with hands on experiences that inspire creativity in the classroom. Children from Hartpury CofE primary have visited the working dairy to see where their food really comes from; they have visited the vetinary department and met animals including:  lizards, giant tortoises, wallabies, meerkats and tarantulas. Our Reception children had the most amazing experience handling some of the less pleasant creatures! Furthermore, our school choir make an annual visit to take part in the college’s Christmas celebrations and sing accompanied by the college band.

All in all, it is a wonderful relationship that continues to flourish and provide Hartpury CofE Primary children with unique and memorable learning experiences.