G’day – Class 2!


gday1 gday2
On Monday Class 2 were flown via Larner Airways to Australia. Having packed their bags and made their passports they went through the check in desk and made their way onto the flight. The cabin crew gave a safety briefing before the plane taxied across the playground and jetted off. Within a few seconds the Class had arrived and were whisked off to the rainforest. There Bruce took them on a tour and showed them the amazing wildlife: kangeroos, koalas and crocs.

Next the Class went to Bondi Beach and received a surfing lesson from Brad and finally they met Steve the aborigine who taught them to throw spears and boomerangs. Steve also showed them how to draw authentic aboriginal art and play the didgeridoo.
The Class had a fabulous time and produced some outstanding writing when they later returned to Class.