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This term, Class 3 have been on a trip to Bristol Zoo as part of our science topic on living things and our English unit on persuasive writing.










As part of Class three’s topic on rocks and soils, we went on a trip to Cheddar Gorge where we were given a guided tour of the caves. We learnt all about the formation of the rock, how we have different colours in the rock and about the different impressions left in the rock due to water as it was forming the caves over time.

As well as this, we went into a second cave which focused on the story of early man in the Gorge and the use of rocks for developing tools and weapons to hunt and survive in those times.



This term, Class three have been learning about rocks and soils which has been supported by our Outdoor Education lessons. We started by collecting soil samples with an auger which we later compared with other soil from the surrounding areas. Class three have also had a go at making their own soil using broken pieces of rock, decaying leaves and twigs and other material. As well as getting our hands dirty, we have looked at the formation of rocks and how we get fossils. We are also heading to Cheddar Gorge to enhance our learning on the topic even further!


Class three learnt about the Ancient Egyptians. The children explored Howard Carter’s discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb. The children retraced his footsteps by exploring what it must have been like to peer through a small gap with very little light in order to see what was inside.









Class three have been busy programming using the Makey Makey. So far they have programmed pencil drawings to come to life on the screen using scratch and now they have made and programmed their version of the game operation. A lot of playing has been done using these, but all in a good cause.