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Our first topic in Class 2 this year was based on robots. We discovered that a robot had been in our classroom over the summer and left some clues…

In our science lessons, we had to put our investigating hats on and search the school for different materials. Using our knowledge and understanding of the materials, we had a think about what we would like own robot to be made out of if we had our own and why.


Class 2 did a great job at learning all about algorithms and coding the bee-bots!





We researched when the very first robot was created and compared it to the amazing advanced robots we have today. Class 2 even predicted what they thought robots will be up to in the next 10 years! To finish our robot topic, we designed our own robots and built them using recycled materials!

Jelly Instructions.

Class 2 created instructions to make fruit jelly. They then used their instructions to make the fruit jelly! This was a great way to see if any steps were missed or improvements needed to be made. DELICIOUS!





Diwali visit.


  Class 2 had a very special visit from a parent during the time of Diwali, the festival of light.

Our visitor brought in lots of interesting artefacts for us to look at.

We even made our own diva lamps and made stick puppets to act out the story of Rama and Sita.










Our current unit is shape. Class 2 have had fun taking part in lots of practical activities in order to learn the shape names and their properties. Some children went on a shape hunt, looking for everyday 3-D shapes. The famous octagon came in handy during this task.







Shape pizza. My favourite!