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To finish our dinosaur topic, we hatched the dinosaur eggs made by Y1 and made moving dinosaurs!

Y1 have had some outdoor sessions based on their topic of dinosaurs. They investigated how big dinosaurs were and used cones and homemade metre sticks to mark out the real life size of different dinosaurs on the field. Then they investigated dinosaur footprints and made their own small fossilized footprints which they buried carefully in the school grounds for other children to find.

They also acted out a story about a dinosaur who showed service to other dinosaurs and had a go at writing their own dinosaur stories with a partner.

Class 2 have started to learn about Judaism. We looked closely at the things in our topic box.

Class had a great time learning all about Neil Armstrong and Space. They had a dress up day and made cool photographs using a green screen.


Class 2 designed and made space themed money boxes as part of their DT project.


Class 2’s fantastic visit to The Space Museum in Leicester.

We saw real rockets and parts of space craft that had returned to Earth after being sent into space. There were lots of really interesting exhibits about how astronauts live in space and we watched an amazing show in the planetarium about being an astronaut. We tried launching model rockets with different sized engines and had a go at driving a remote controlled moon rover. There were models to show how the Earth and the Moon revolve around the Sun and even pieces of rock that had been brought back to Earth from the Moon.

Class 2 have been learning about India and had a workshop.

Here we are dressed up in traditional clothing.

Class 2 have been learning to tell the time. Class 2 had a visit from the Fire Service to talk about Fire Safety.