Class 4 are rocket scientists!


Class 4 have launched their rocket science investigation. They received two packets of seeds from the RHS, each containing 100 rocket seeds. The seed packets were identical except that one was red and the other was blue. One packet contains the seeds that were sent up to the International Space Station with British astronaut Tim Peake but they don’t know which one.


The children planted all the seeds very carefully into individually labelled seed cells and the seeds are now growing on the window ledge in the classroom.


The class investigation is part of a large experiment as 1000 primary schools all over the country are taking part. Next week, they will begin to record how many seeds germinate and then, how the seedlings grow. The investigation will finish just before half term, when the results will be sent into the RHS along with the results from all the other primary schools taking part.

No-one will know which seeds are the seeds that have been into space until after the investigation finishes and all the results are in. Meanwhile, the children will be observing their seeds closely and making predictions about which are the real space rocket seeds.