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Reception Yearly Timeline

Click to see an overview of what the children will be doing across the year in Class 1. Learning moves quickly in Reception and we often have themes of learning that can last a few days or a few weeks!

We spend time observing the children, taking what they are interested in and developing it in ways that stimulate further quality learning opportunities. This may take the form of next steps or a theme that we introduce to the rest of the class.

We also have themes of learning that relate to  things that happen at specific times during the year.

Reception Yearly Timeline

Click here to see how we support children’s Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC)in Class1:

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Super Hero Letter

Intro Letter

Real Life Superheroes!
Class 1 have been basing their learning around superheroes, and not just the fictional kind!  We have been lucky enough to have a visit from one of our parents, Jess, who works as a nurse, and from PC Josh, our local police officer.
Nurse Jess explained all about her job and how she helps people in real life. She brought in some real equipment for us to look at and explore. We were so inspired that we role played as doctors and nurses for the rest of the day!
PC Josh and his colleague showed us some of the equipment that police officers use, and we even tried on some handcuffs! We had plenty of questions to ask them about their jobs. We then got to look at the police car, and then listened to the siren – it was super loud!