Building Bridges – An Outdoor Adventure


Every class at Hartpury C of E Primary School enjoys an Outdoor Education session weekly. These lessons cover different areas of the curriculum and, this term, Class 4 have been studying bridge structures for their Design and Technology work. Having spent last term learning all about the incredible British engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel in history, the children have gained much knowledge about bridge structures and have been keen to put this into practise outside. They have been challenged to build a bridge, in teams, across the drainage gully next to our outdoor classroom that will bear the weight of one of the team and enable them to cross safely to the other side.

Each team first had to measure and cut the trusses for their bridge. The teamwork was outstanding and the children have shown excellent design skills as well as competent use of the tools to saw the wood to size.  Next, they were taught how to lash wood together using snake lashing and then started work on making their decking. In coming weeks they will be developing the support under the bridge. We have a wonderful outdoor environment at Hartpury and it is exciting to see the children learning so much from using this facility.