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Class 3 letter Spring 1 2017


Class three have been busy programming using the Makey Makey. So far they have programmed pencil drawings to come to life on the screen using scratch and now they have made and programmed their version of the game operation. A lot of playing has been done using these, but all in a good cause.

We started our programming by making a banana piano using scratch and our Makey Makey. We programmed each connection to make a different sound and make images change position or costume.

Maths has been an interactive subject this term with a life size coordinate grid for them to learn how to transition a point from one place to another.

We have also been hard at work with Charlie and the Chocolate factory which has seen us using drama to get fully immersed in the characters and story line. We also got to visit a real life chocolate factory to understand what happens behind the scenes. We also learned a lot about the rainforests, which is our geography topic.

We have been learning the violin this term and it is coming along really well. We have already learned to play 5 notes and have played along with a few songs, learning how to read the music and understand the lengths and timings of certain notes.

We have also been very busy with our design technology topic where we have been looking how to build and strengthen structures. We then got to design and build our own design. We learned a lot about how to fix them together and how some things didn’t work well at all.


This term Class three will be visiting the local Mosque in Gloucester to learn all about Islam and their place of worship, along with visiting the Cathedral to compare the two religions. We will also be looking at the earth we live on, identifying how it is made and the features of this spectacular planet- Mountains, Volcanos and the Tectonic plates that cause such ground breaking changes. The children will be taking a trip down to Hartpury college this term for their PE, which will be hockey. Towards the end of the term, the children will be using their programming knowledge to create their own interactive computer game, that the others in the class will get to play.

Here are class three on their trip to the Gloucester mosque where they learned all about the Islamic religion and what it means to the muslims that follow it. They really enjoyed their trip and got to try out so many different things while they were there.


Class three also got to go to Gloucester cathedral where they were able to learn all about the various ways the cathedral can be used by Christians to worship and learn about the Christian faith. The children took part in a tour of the cathedral and got to make a clay candle holder and design their own chalice, among other things.


This term we have been looking at volcanoes and we made our own so we could erupt them. We saw how the gas and liquid rock from the mantle forces its way up through the earths crust until it bursts through the crater and runs down the side of the volcano. This was a lot of fun and caused quite a mess in the playground too.