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Traditional Tales Letter


 Class 1 enjoyed a trip to Westons Farm!

We were lucky enough to go on a tractor and trailer ride around the farm, and we saw lots of cows, bulls and calves, Shire horses and plenty of sheep and new born baby lambs.

One sheep had four new born lambs and we were allowed to hold them!

When we got back to school we had a great time using the small world farm figures to make up our own narratives and farm stories!


Class 1 Trip to Gloucestershire Airport and the Jet Age Museum
Class 1 were lucky enough to visit Gloucestershire Airport and the Jet Age Museum.
We were able to see how people checked in for a flight, and went through security, and even went into one of the hangars to see some huge aeroplanes and helicopters!
We saw several planes landing on the runway – it was very noisy!
At the Jet Age Museum, we had a great time sitting in the cockpits of real planes, and were even able to go on part of a real Boeing plane and pretend that we were on a flight to Paris!
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